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Root your android devices or mobile phone with the Framaroot Download APK.

Why is Framaroot the best android root app?

Framaroot is a totally free downloadable app/tool for android devices or mobiles phones. This tool is easy to use, meaning you can root your phone or device with one click in only a few seconds. Framaroot download can also be done for more things, please read our website and see what other key points are offered. Framatoot is not available in the Google play store so you can get any newly released Framaroot APK versions from our blog.

Framaroot v1.9.3 All APK Versions
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What is Framaroot App?

Framaroot is best app for android root tasks and root related apps. Other root apps will not give just one click root options and rooting within a few seconds. Framaroot will not require a PC/Computer tool to use in your devices or mobile phone. If you have android and an internet connection you can Download Framaroot APK and root your phone fast. In the latest released version, 1.9.3, you can unroot Framaroots old version and install the newest version now. World has millions of android mobile phones and devices so please check your device to see if it will be available to root with framaroot app. Click here to see Supported Devices list.

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Root Android with One Click - Download FramaRoot

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How to Install Framaroot App For Android Mobile phone or devices?

Get Free Download Framaroot Apk in our website and save it to your devices or mobile phone first. Download link is at the top of the menu and middle of this website. Now read this tutorial carefully and get instructions how to install Framaroot Apk into your android.

1. Tap on the Apk file you downloaded in file manager. If you have any trouble with downloading third party files, please install Es File Explore and download it without a problem.

2. Tap on the Install Button

3. After you click install button you will receive successful install message in a few seconds. Framaroot app install completely installed now then don’t waste to time to waiting root start root your android now.

If you have any trouble with install app please check video on right side and check how to do this.

How to Root Androids using Framaroot

I hope you have completely installed framaroot to your phone without any trouble or mistakes. Now keep reading this tutorial and continue on with how to root with framaroot.

  • 1. Open Framaroot app in your devices or mobile phone
  • 2.When you try to open Framaroot in your phone will received (Device does not seem to be included in framaroot) It means your devices will not be available to root with framaroot app.
  • 3. If you did not get the above error then you have good chance to install framaroot in root device
  • 4. You need to get those three major key points under the list
  • Install SuperSu - Unroot - Execute Script
    About SuperSu:

    SuperSu is su app permission control you can get any permissions without error in rooting phone.

    About Unroot:

    Unroot will need to remove already installed root files.

    Execute Script:

    This option is only for the advanced users. We do not recommend this option to use.

    Some Framaroot Errors:

    Fortunately framaroot have not have big errors in installation or using to root. If you get any errors while using framaroot app please try framaroot 1.6 0 apk, framaroot 1.4 1 or framaroot 1.8 0 apk.

    Framatoot Troubleshooting | FAQ:

    Q: Framaroot will not work with some devices (XYZ Devices) Ans: You can try another version of Framaroot App Download. All versions are included in the download page.

    Developers Credit:

    Framaroot is not our app nor did we develop it. All licensing and developer documents owned by We are only sharing and providing access to Download Framaroot Apk.